“We have created global model programs in the Philippines because the 7,000 islands are an epicenter of the social, economic, and natural challenges faced by all of humanity today.”

  - Albert Santoli, AAI President

Asia America Initiative and our partners have made a difference, one step at a time.

This clip from our partners at One World Institute highlights some of our work.

There is always more to do – every little bit helps.

On the streets of Manila: Feeding and clothing the 


Thousands of small children, many without parents or guardians, fend for themselves on the mean streets of Manila’s ghettos.  We cannot turn our back them.  Some of the children are chained in cages by the government.  Our partners from the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity Alumni are on the streets helping the kids.  Asia America Initiative and One World Institute are providing much needed resources.  But it is not even close to being enough.  

See the Daily Mail, UK news article linked to these photos.


The youngsters, who can be kept in the centres for months, are exposed to abuse and exploitation by older children and adults Angel, a 13 year old little girl,clad only in a flimsy dress, was chained toa post in the RAC detention centre late last year and left there crying while the other children were allegedl yencouraged to throw pebbles at her as she screamed in pain and fear 
News Article posted by Daily Mail, UK – Photo Credit: Red Door News & Daily Mail


AAI book joy - version 2

PROGRESS: AAI’s literacy and remedial education programs have spread the
joy of learning to more than 3 dozen elementary and high schools in
communities affected by storms and armed conflict.

Baseball champions

Students at Bulak Elementary School in the Visayas typhoon zone are now baseball champions, energized by mothers who cook daily school lunches for all children.

Mom cooks best ButakES 2-21-14