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16804137_1365246746867711_7332081949919527969_oSincere appreciation to all of the Good Samaritans who responded rapidly and generously during our 6-month campaign to help save the life of Baby Brielle.  Her liver transplant was successfully conducted in Taiwan on March 3, 2017, in time to save her life.   It has been about two weeks since the surgery, and we are happy to report that Brielle and her Mom – the liver donor – are out of Intensive Care and in full recovery. 

Here are some public journal comments shared by Brielle’s Mom, dated March 15th, to share their experience with family and friends: 

“Did I ever tell you that God is good? He is indeed very good. Today, it is with a joyful heart that I would like to share to you that Brielle is out from the Liver ICU [intensive care unit] and is transferred to the Liver Transplant Ward.

“Transitioning from the ICU to the Wards, Brielle rarely talks.  But day by day we cheer her up so that she’ll be back to her bubbly self. Our liver functions are improving.  God bless you all for keeping us in your prayers.  – Lissette.”


“We have created global model programs in the Philippines because the 7,000 islands are an epicenter of the social, economic, and natural challenges faced by all of humanity today.”

  – Albert Santoli, AAI Director




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