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(Photo credit: Lissette Fontanilla)

One year after a liver transplant, donated by her Mom, little Brielle is now an energetic and incredibly bright 4 year-old. Her survival and the recovery is one of the most heart-warming developments that AAI assisted in 2017. Brielle’s Mother, Dr. Lissette, is now performing her pre-residency training at a local hospital in the Philippines and is in the process of becoming a pediatrician. She writes, “The most beautiful things in life are not materialistic things…” 

It is the joy of life that makes us healthy and whole. – Albert Santoli

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“We have created global model programs in the Philippines because the 7,000 islands are an epicenter of the social, economic, and natural challenges faced by all of humanity today.”

  – Albert Santoli, AAI Director




Peace through Education, Community Building, and Economic Development.