Cancer treatment for 20 children and 30 women

In 2014, 49 of our first 50 patients in Manila became cancer free. We are now adding Hope Center in Davao, Mindanao to help doctors provide life saving medicines and nutrition for 400 additional children with cancer and the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders in manila for 100 children with genetic diseases, whose families earn less than $5 per day. The program includes nutrition, art supplies, story books and toys to instill positive attitudes, love and care.


People in much of the under-developed world, such as the Philippines, are unable to afford medical care for life-threatening diseases or access to life-saving medicines. Quality medical care does not exist, and travel to specialized clinics is too expensive. In addition, severe poverty and malnutrition afflict more than 60% of the population. Healing from cancer involves more than medicine; it requires a more positive and joyful attitude which is difficult to develop in impoverished communities.


Our partner hospitals provide cancer medication free of charge in a systematic manner, we compliment that by giving the children undergoing cancer treatment nutrition to fully recover, increase their lifespan and receive education and hope for the future. This is especially important for young children who need care and guidance. For child patients, our art programs conducted in hospital wards build a joyful attitude to embrace life and value education to enhance their healing process.

Long-Term Impact

This program is an international model of donor kindness and corporate social responsibility. By surviving, and experiencing hope, the multi-ethnic children inspire their neighbors in large ghetto communities. Adult literacy and education will enable surviving women to provide better lives for their families. For children living in dire poverty the influence of violent crime and militant extremism is a constant temptation. This holistic program can empower entire communities to have hope.

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