Nutrition for 200 Children with Rare Diseases

AAI supports the medical care of children in the Philippines suffering from cancer and rare genetic diseases. Beyond specialized intravenous medications, these children require extra nutrition supplements, medication for symptoms and side effects, and toys. This program provides 6 months of nutrition support and essential supplemental medication for their healing and survival [$400 per month]. We also support their creativity and holistic health by supporting their participation in the arts!


Poverty and hardship around the world prevents the treatment of many diseases. This is even more pronounced with rare genetic diseases which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per treatment. Especially in poor regions of the world, this prevents treatment from reaching those who need it. Just as important is supporting the holistic health of children suffering from these rare diseases. Over the years AAI has worked to give hope and healing to these loving children.


This project focuses on the needs of children in the Philippines suffering from rare genetic diseases. They receive specialized medical treatments, but they also need the extra supplies required to enhance their treatments, support their physical growth, and strengthen their will to beat their illnesses. This project will support these needs for 6 months. This includes: supplemental medications to treat symptoms and side effects, the nutritional support for growing children, and art supplies.

Long-Term Impact

This program is a model of donor kindness and social responsibility. By surviving and experiencing hope, these children and their parents inspire their neighbors and communities. This program also supports the holistic needs of these children and their parents, strengthening entire families and demonstrating that each challenge must be faced together. Particularly in regions where violent conflict, corruption, and illness are rampant, a little hope makes a world of difference.

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