Baby Brielle

Support a New Year of Life for baby Brielle

In the Philippines, 4-year old Brielle needs a liver transplant surgery to save her life from a rare illness. The surgery will be conducted in a Taiwan hospital specializing in children’s diseases. Her doctors say, without this surgery in early 2017, it is unlikely that Brielle can survive. Half of the cost has been donated by local charities. AAI, through GlobalGiving donors, has raised $4,200 to help pay the surgery costs. Now we must raise $8,500 for post-surgical medicines and care.


Four year old Brielle is battling a rare disease which has destroyed her liver. To survive she needs a liver transplant in early 2017. She has a donor — her mother. Doctors at a children’s hospital in Taiwan who specialize in sensitive pediatric surgeries believe she can survive. The surgery has been donated by local charities and AAI and our GlobalGiving donors. Our goal is to cover the estimated cost of essential post-surgical medicines, which is $8,500.


By raising a total of $8,500 through AAI our GlobalGiving donor network, we will help cover the cost of immune-suppressant medicines needed for Brielle’s Mom’s transplanted liver to adjust to Brielle’s body. Our action encourages support from more local partners, such as the Philippine Airline Foundation who are donating transportation. Brielle’s recovery will be a message of hope to be shared around the world in support of similar children and their families.

Long-Term Impact

This program is a model of donor kindness and corporate social responsibility. At a time of much disharmony and rampant suffering across the world, Baby Brielle’s survival will give people hope that every life matters. Her mother who will provide part of her own ‘matching” liver for the transplant, says, “We believe miracles can happen. Each funder is a miracle for our little girl.” To raise the needed funds would be an inspiring New Year “gift of life.”

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