Unite Inter-Faith Children via Education and Water

In the Philippines, religious conflict and natural disasters like Typhoon Haiyan during 2013-15 have caused suffering of millions of Filipino children. This program empowers elementary schools in regions where children are victims of natural and man-made disasters. Inter-faith community efforts teach students the value of cooperation. We provide clean water and hygiene tools. We support literacy, livelihood, gardening, and school lunches by parents to enhance health, economic progress and peace.


Poverty, storms and inter-cultural violence are abundant in the Philippines. A school-aged population of more than 65 million children and youths are mostly impoverished and malnourished. Sulu Province with a majority Muslim population remains at the bottom of the UN’s worldwide Human Development Index. Christian communities in Visayas are still recovering after Typhoon Haiyan. In both regions, few schools have books, clean water, adequate nutrition and lack basic tools for livelihood training.


This program will assist 1,000 children in two elementary schools in Sulu and Visayas. They will overcome extreme poverty and communal violence, through integrated literacy, livelihood skills, and health support. We will create a social media network for Muslim and Christian educators and children to share their new skills, hopes, and dreams. Mothers and fathers of pupils will assist teachers to cook daily meals. We will provide school supplies, garden tools, seeds, and pipes for fresh water.

Long-Term Impact

The long-term positive impact of this program empowers Christian and Muslim communities to learn from each other through their respective best practices. Asia America Initiative serves as a communication bridge. Our social media networks facilitate transparent communication and dispel fear and myths that alienate communities who feel alone and abandoned. Starting in schools, positive interaction and equal treatment of various cultural groups by AAI facilitates mutual respect and inspiration.

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