From Winning Regionals to attending the National High School Team Dance Competition Finals

Congratulations to the fabulous Cuartero National High School Dancers and Singers for winning their Regional Championship! Cuartero National High School has earned a spot at the National Championship Team Dance Competition held in Metro Manila the first week of December. AAI is very proud of this outstanding achievement! So much effort and hard work went into preparing for the Regionals.  Due to very minimal funds, mothers of the students lent their great creative spirits and talents by designing the most gorgeous and fashionable native costumes.

Cuartero National HS Regionals (Champions)

What a great feat! Considering the fact that Cuartero National High School is located in an area affected by poverty, natural disaster, and armed conflict. AAI has successfully empowered this community by providing resources to build a great educational system that emphasizes culture and art. This holistic approach to education helps to instill confidence to build a positive future! Go Cuartero National High School!