Empowering Students through Nutrition

Empowering children in classrooms through nutrition. Asia America Initiative’s feeding program in the under-served schools in the Philippines was intensified this week of national exams.

Day 3 feeding at Palan Elementary School.

Team efforts that we have built over the years helped create total community teamwork for daily feeding. Teachers rode motorcycles to farm markets and parents entered school kitchens to start cooking. Within two hours, all children received bowls of healthy chicken porridge with lots of vegetables served by teachers and parents.

AAI’s beneficiary schools proudly display pictures of happy students, teachers and parents. The feeding program at the start of 2018 is showing good results, just in time to energize students for their big exams.

Students and teachers at Kasambuhan Village Elementary School.
“Thank you, Sir Albert Santoli.”

Wishing our students best of luck!

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