Lunch Party Energizes Boy & Girl Scouts In Sulu ‘Camporee’

On January 31, 2018, the 3-day camporee for the boy and girl scouts concluded in Indanan Sulu, Philippines. The joyful event commemorated friendship through scouting between the United States and Tausug people in the Philippines that began in 1913.  About 400 scouts of the school district participated in the various activities and outdoors living training at Timbangan Elementary School.  Asia America Initiative was honored to assist the Scouts’ “Sacred Lunch” on the final day of the gathering. The luncheon was an expansion of our school-based mass feeding program that aims to empower all students in  underserved schools in the area where malnutrition is rampant.

Boy scouts adventure through the first day of camporee.
Girl scouts make cooking oil out of coconuts.
After the fun activities, a healthy and nutritious lunch is served on banana leafs to all the hard-working scouts. Bon appetit!
Boy and girl scouts make their own lunch.
Fish & vegetable soup
SCOUTS’ HONOR! See the oath that our proud boy & girl scouts take.
Senior girl scouts teach rookies dancing.
Principal Melda and a senior Girl Scout leader at Mukammali.

Instead of buying tents, the boy scout from Bunot ES build their own shacks.
Teachers and scouts from Bunot Elementary School.
AAI is happy to be part of this inspiring event – empowering more students through fun activities, teamwork and nutrition.