AAI’s mission is to build hope and empower communities affected by armed conflict and severe poverty. Our goal is to build integrated local programs that can be replicated globally.


Asia America Initiative is a catalyst for cross-cultural and inter-faith cooperation. We believe that peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable.  AAI supports inter-generational cooperation as an international model for building peace through educational opportunity tied to economic development. Focusing on the youth and caring for the elderly, we bring communities together. We promote human dignity through health, education, livelihood, environment, and the arts.


1. Build hope and empower local communities.


2. Address conflict and poverty in diverse cultures through: economic development and job creation, mentoring potential young leaders, education, emergency relief, ecology, and peace mediation.


3. Strengthen healthcare and nutrition in local communities through emergency relief, including special medicine programs for rare diseases, effective farming, and fisheries programs.