Top Questions

1. About AAI

2. Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

3. Project Funding

4. Donations

5. Security and Privacy

6. Corporate Partners



About AAI

1. What is AAI?

AAI is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to building peace in areas of armed conflict and high poverty.


2. Why is AAI different?

AAI has created a global model integrating health, education, livelihood and peace mediation.

We are community based and act as catalysis to bring together people of different races, religions, cultures and  social status.


3. How is AAI funded?

AAI is largely funded by private individuals and foundations including gifts in kind from corporations  from around the world.


4. What is AAI’s mission?

Our Mission is to build hope and empower communities plagued by armed conflict and severe poverty.

Our goal is to develop programs as sustainable models that can be replicated globally.


Volunteer and Intern opportunities

1. How can I intern or volunteer at AAI?

Please contact AAI via E-mail at:

Send your inquiry , a resume and writing sample.


2. What kind of skills would best help AAI’s US head quarters ?

Communications, research and public health skills.


3. What kind of skills would be most needed for AAI’s field programs in the Philippines.

Communications, education, teaching and mentoring, arts, gardening and public health skills, such as doctors, nurses, dentist and therapist .


Project funding

1. How does donated money reach AAI’s project?

AAI does not hand out money to beneficially communities.

We create budget based on community meetings and real needs, and local staff purchases the materials that are needed.


2. How do I keep track of the progress of the project?

We do continuous evaluation of our programs, in addition we ask local educational institutions to help with oversight and progress of each program. Then we post our progress on Facebook and website.



1. Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. In the United states, we are registered as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

Our text deductible US EIN number from IRS is 20-187-9258 


2. What are the methods of payment?

People can contribute by writing checks and sending by mail to our Washington office or using a credit card through PayPal.

We  are also listed on fundraising websites such as Global Giving and Universal Giving.


3. Is there a minimum donation?

All donations are welcome regardless of size.


4. Can I donate goods to a project instead of money?

Yes. We accept gifts in kind, especially educational and health supplies.


5. Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

Yes. AAI posts reports and photo galleries and Facebook.

We have an annual report available upon requests.


6. How do I donate by credit card, debit card, or PayPal

The instructions are very clear on PayPal page.


7. How do I donate by check?

Mail all checks to AAI’s Washington office.


8. How do I donate by wire transfer?

Please call AAI at 12022327020 for instructions.


9.  How do I choose a project that is right for me?

Please see our program’s pages on our website.


10. How do I donate from other countries?

Please use any major credit cards through PayPal.


Security and Privacy

1. How do I know my donation is secure?

PayPal and Global Giving are secure services.


Corporate Partners

1. How can my organization or corporation partner with AAI?

Please contact AAI president Albert Santoli for details.