Annual Reports

2015-16 Annual Report Brochure


Director’s Note:

Asia America Initiative [AAI] is a catalyst for cross cultural partnerships. We build long-term stability and community self-reliance. Centered on education, our programs integrate social and economic development. We also give emergency aid intervention during natural or manmade disasters.
During 2015, AAI focused on peace building in war torn Mindanao and typhoon recovery in Visayas and Luzon regions. We continue provide training, tools, health, and educational support to more than 120,000 survivors. In Manila, AAI assisted more than 200 children suffering from cancer and rare genetic diseases. In Sulu, Muslim Mindanao war zones, we reinforced peace through some 30 schools with some 35,000 elementary, high school, and college students.

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In 2016, instability and international terrorism across South and Southeast Asia is growing. AAI is increasing our assistance to public and religious-based schools in Muslim Mindanao, among the lowest performers in Asia. Since 2003, AAI’s Model Schools build partnerships between teachers, parents, and local government officials in the Departments of Education, Health, and Agriculture to stabilize high-risk areas. Parents and teachers help revitalize classrooms, plant gardens, and conduct daily lunch programs to strengthen the bodies and minds of malnourished children. Our respect for human dignity transcends cultural barriers. Our model of peace building, justice, and ultimately trust transcends fear and violence to overcome poverty and extremism of all stripes.


Peace through Education, Community Building, and Economic Development.