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We are building community resilience and stability through providing emergency food and medical relief, health care, education, and opportunities to communities living on the front lines of poverty, armed conflict, and terror.

Our Asia America Initiative nonprofit team brings together ordinary people of diverse cultures to overcome extraordinary challenges. We ask you to share in our mission; helping those in need find the confidence to help themselves and their communities.

Donations to AAI are used for expenses required in field programs as designated by each donor. Management of each program may require that 10 % of a donation is used for administrative needs. Please donate through our PayPal button. We also welcome donations though our fundraising partners: Globalgiving and AmazonSmile . Both links are provided below.

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Contribute to Asia America Initiative’s Operation

Your donation will support AAI’s multi-faceted programs, including our management, oversight, office expenses, and youth mentoring programs in Washington, DC and overseas. Our emphasis will remain on relief and development in areas of conflict, emergency, human needs intervention, and humanitarian emergencies.


Donate to Ongoing Programs in the Philippines

  • Help Baby Brielle Receive a Gift of Life

In the Philippines, we are assisting 4-year old Brielle to survive a life-threatening illness by helping to pay for a liver transplant surgery. Treatment will be conducted in a hospital in Taiwan specializing in children’s rare diseases. Her doctors say, without this surgery it is unlikely that Brielle can survive for 6 months. Half of the cost has been donated by local charities. AAI has pledged to raise $8,000 out of the $20,000 in hospital expenses still needed to save her life.

  • Assisting Cancer and Rare Diseases Patients

AAI supports patients; especially Children, who are suffering from cancer and rare diseases.  Out of our first 50 patients, 49 are now cancer free.  We assist specialists at the Philippines Society for Orphan Disorder (PSOD) and the Hope Center in Davao for children with rare, life-threatening diseases. This program includes providing nutritional supplements, clinical supplies, storybooks and toys to instill positive attitude via love and care for the children. (Read More)

  • Uniting Inter-faith Children through Education, Livelihood & Water

The combination of ethnic conflict and natural disasters have intensified the suffering of millions of Filipino people, especially children. This program empowers elementary schools in regions where children are victims of typhoons or armed conflict to become centers of progress and peace. Full community involvement teaches students the essential skills of literacy, craftsmanship, gardening, and healthy cooking needed for holistic economic progress and peace. (Read More)

  • Providing Access to Healthy Food and Clean Water

More than 3 million people in the Philippines are severely disadvantaged due to the destructive typhoon and local armed conflicts. AAI partners with local communities to provide necessary food and clean water to thousands of families. We purchase seeds for school gardens and essential supplies from the local markets to address hygiene, health and nutrition. (Read More)

  • Supporting 50 Muslim Girls to Become Nurses

Around the world Muslim Women and Girls have been denied education and the opportunity to support their families and communities. This program provides quality education to 50 college students in a predominantly Muslim province to achieve their dream in a nursing career. (Read More)

Peace through Education, Community Building, and Economic Development.