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Developing future leaders is a key mission of Asia America Initiative.

AAI intern team with Philippine Ambassador W. Gaa at Washington DC Embassy.



The success of a modest but effective NGO such as AAI is teamwork at home and partnerships in the field. We emphasize diversity and respect for all good ideas. AAI senior staff and grad students take pride in mentoring our undergrad and high school interns.



The ability to conduct community based programs integrating public health, education, the arts, recreation, and livelihoods requires the participation of student interns and volunteers from a variety of academic backgrounds and creative pursuits.

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Building peace, social equity, and economic development requires all members of a community to be accountable for their actions. It is even more significant for NGOs who seek to encourage social justice to earn trust through our actions. Fundraising requires donors to respect our bookkeeping and spending habits, especially in an era of declining budgets.


Since 2003, AAI has mentored more than 125 interns in our Washington, DC and Fairfax, Virginia offices from universities and high schools representing more than 30 countries.

The internships can be for college credit or simply professional development.

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