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We are building community resilience and stability through providing emergency food and medical relief, health care, education, and opportunities to communities living on the front lines of poverty, armed conflict, and terror. 

Our Asia America Initiative non-profit team brings together ordinary people of diverse cultures to overcome extraordinary challenges. We ask you to share in our mission; helping those in need find the confidence to help themselves and their communities.

Your donation here will support AAI general management and program support activities.  This can be accomplished through our AmazonSmile page or through a direct donation via PayPal.  Both links can be selected below.  

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Contribute to the General Operations of Asia America Initiative 

Your General Fund donation will support AAI’s multi-faceted programs, including our management, oversight, office expenses, and youth mentoring programs in Washington, DC and overseas. Our emphasis will remain on relief and development in areas of conflict, emergency, human needs intervention, and humanitarian emergencies.

Donate to Current AAI Programs in the Philippines

AAI supports patients in Manila, with 49 of our first 50 patients now cancer free.  We are now adding the Hope Center in Davao, Mindanao to help doctors provide life saving medicines and nutrition for women and children with cancer and for children with rare genetic diseases. This program includes art supplies, story books, and toys to instill positive attitudes, love, and care for these children.

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The combination of ethnic conflict and natural disasters have intensified the suffering of millions of Filipino people, especially children. This program empowers elementary schools in regions where children are victims of typhoons or armed conflict. Full community involvement teaches students the essential skills of literacy, craftsmanship, gardening, and healthy cooking needed for holistic economic progress and peace.

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There are currently some 9 million people in the Philippines devastated by the cataclysmic Super-Typhoon Haiyan [locally named Yolanda]. AAI partners with local and international groups conducting emergency relief, providing food and water to thousands of families. We purchase bulk supplies in local markets along with hygiene products, medicines, and other life-saving materials.

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