Our Impacts

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Since 2002, AAI has provided substantial support to communities which faced violent conflict, failing education, natural disaster and significant community health issues. Our specialized programs have achieved results such as:


AAI is revitalizing public and faith-based education. We overcome extremism by utilizing the natural strength of the community including both men and women. We neutralize destructive political agendas by focusing on equal care to all children.

  • 30 Model of Excellence (MOE) Public Schools serve more than 30,000 pupils
  • Over 500 teachers and school administrators have been trained
  • AAI backed elementary and high schools have over 90% retention and graduation rate, compared to below 60% regional average
  • Internationally, especially in the Philippines, we have over forty model schools that are achieving near the top of their respective school district rankings with a combined student population of almost 50,000
  • Our college scholarship programs have benefited over seventy graduates in a variety of professional disciplines
  • Became a mentoring source for over 150 students from around the United States and the world


  • Since 2002, AAI has provided more than $100 million in donated medical supplies to provinces that lacked all categories of public health
  • 15 tons of medicine and hospital equipment has served over one million people including some $5 million in 2014
  • AAI’s Cancer and Rare Diseases Treatment program targets services for more than 100 patients of all ages
  • In Manila, AAI assisted more than 100 women and children suffering from cancer and rare genetic diseases
  • Donated medical care was made available to more than 100,000 war refugees and displaced persons and more than 150,000 typhoon victims
  • Clean water and sanitation have been made available to communities that have the highest levels of infant and child mortality or whose water systems were destroyed by severe weather
  • Saved fifty women and children who are now cancer free

Conflict Deterrence

AAI programs serve communities affected by inter-cultural and religious conflict. In Sulu, Muslim Mindanao war zones, we reinforced peace through some 20 schools with over 20,000 elementary, high school, and college students

  • In Sulu, AAI’s emphasis on grassroots education and livelihood projects has helped persuade guerilla fighters to peacefully integrate into society
  • The AAI Catalysts for Peace project has more than 500 inter-faith college volunteers providing relief in armed conflict zones
  • Trauma Healing Programs have more than 200 community leaders serving more than 10,000 Christian and Muslim families affected by violence.
  • Helped to stop civil wars on at least three occasions

Emergency Aid

  • During typhoon Haiyan in 2014, AAI provided training, tools, health, and educational support to more than 120,000 typhoon survivors in Visayas, Philippines
  • Provided emergency relief after natural disasters to over 250,000 people


  • AAI’s unique Livelihood Development Programs integrate public education with building economic infrastructure
  • Gardens of Peace create food self-sufficiency through schools and farming cooperatives in Mindanao and Visayas
  • Women’s Literacy and Livelihood programs aided over 125 families
  • Scholarships emphasize degrees or certificates that improve the economic vitality of impoverished communities
  • Fisheries expansion, boat building, and seaweed harvesting programs have assisted more than 750 island families


Peace through Education, Community Building, and Economic Development.