Our Indicators

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AAI tracks several indicators of program success with the help of local field staff and volunteers. The primary indicators include:

  • Malnutrition & Weight: each school child in an AAI supported school is given regular weight and health checks
  • Health & Hygiene: AAI works with school nurses to gauge the level of waterborne illnesses within the school population as well as monitor the number of missed school days due to illness
  • Future Achievement: student success after elementary school is tracked to see how many enter high school and later the workforce, achieve a higher education degree, and gain the experience and confidence to become youth volunteers and/or community leaders later in life
  • Accountability: AAI closely monitors all programs to mitigate corruption and influence peddling, as well as holds all field staff and volunteers to a strict policy of documenting and reporting all transactions related to AAI programs, regardless of financial, gifts-in-kind, sweat equity, etc.

Peace through Education, Community Building, and Economic Development.