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We are building Hope though providing emergency food and medical relief, health care, education and livelihood opportunities to communities living on the front line of poverty, armed conflict and terror. Our non-profit Asia America Initiative team is bringing together ordinary people of diverse cultures to overcome extraordinary challenges. We ask you to share our mission, by helping those in need to find the confidence to help themselves.

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ASIA AMERICA INITIATIVE’s Typhoon Relief program is providing food, water and medical care to a targeted 30,000 families in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines which has made 4 million people homeless.

For $20 you can provide powdered milk and cereal to feed a family with three children for one week
For $25 you an provide rice or and canned fish to feed  a family of five for one week
For $35 you can provide enough water purification tablets and bottled water for one week



Adopt a Classroom

Adopt a Classroom is a component of the Development for Peace in Sulu program. This project is focused in Jolo, Sulu, the most impoverished area in the Philippines, located in Muslim Mindanao and threatened by al-Qaeda terrorists. Sulu ranks at the bottom in all Southeast Asian categories of health, education, employment and violence. It leads the Philippines in infant and child mortality and has a 65 percent school drop-out rate — by the 6th grade. Through the people-to-people Adopt a Classroom project, you can provide basic classroom materials to impoverished public schools. This helps to deter violence and terrorism through building hope, starting with youth.

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Community Service Scholarship

AAI’s unique community service scholarships provide opportunities for Muslim high school and college students who come from impoverished and violence plagued communities to turn their lives around. To earn the scholarship, students must perfom community service in overcrowded elementary schools or at local hospitals. We build bridges between religions and cultures through educational partnerships.  AAI partners include the Jesuit Ateneo University system and Notre Dame College of Jolo.

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Music For Peace

Music for Peace brings music and arts into public schools located on the front line of terror and religious conflict. As part of AAI’s international Development for Peace program, music and arts builds bridges for peace and inter-cultural understanding.

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Contribute to the Asia America Initiative General Operations Fund

Your General Fund donation will support AAI’s multi-faceted programs, including Development for Peace, China and Asia In-Focus e-publications, Washington mentoring program and emergency human rights intervention and humanitarian crisis relief efforts.

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